Are you tired of struggling with stubborn belly fat? 😡

You've probably tried a million different things to get rid of your belly fat, but nothing has worked for you. 😫

It's hard to keep motivated when you're not seeing results. You might feel like you're doing everything wrong, or that you just have bad genes.

The Belly Fat Code is the solution that you've been waiting for. My 12-week program is customized specifically for you, so that you can finally see results. Using my proprietary 3-step framework, you will learn how to better understand your choices and how they impact your belly fat. With this knowledge, you will develop a personalized code so that you are be better prepared to stay the course even when you feel like you aren't getting any results. Finally find what consistency looks like for you so that you have lasting results.

Sound like you?

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Doing All The Things🤦‍♀️

I get it, you're not alone. 

If you're anything like me and the women I work with then I'm willing to bet you're: doing all the ab exercises, skipping the carbs, the gluten, doing two hour workouts and NOTHING is working😩. The scale won't budge, your clothes are still tight and you feel bloated every time you eat.

How could you not when almost every fitness guru on social media is telling you to work harder, eat less, move more in order to get results...

But think about it, if that were true then wouldn't EVERY woman over 40 be celebrating a shredded flat stomach and sliding their favorite pair of jeans👖 on and buttoning them with ease?😍

I probably don't have to tell you, it's just simply not the case.

In fact, continuing to chase the trends and going down the path you're currently on might actually be the reason why you can't shed and keep off the belly fat.

So how do you stop chasing all these trends and finally get some bleeping 🤬lasting results?

Introducing: The Belly Fat Code

You turned 40 and you feel like your body has betrayed you, I did too. Sometimes you feel like you take one step forward and 20 steps back. You feel like a crazy person, the diet toggles you used in the past (removing food groups, upping your exercise) just don’t move the needle like it use to. You wonder is it your hormones, is it the carbs, is it more time on the Peloton?  No wonder you are confused!!🤔


That is why I created the Belly Fat Code, so that you could finally understand why you haven't been successful in the past, and how to make real progress and most importantly KEEP IT. 💪 I’ll be sharing all the tools and supporting you to stay on track and achieve your goals.


The Belly Fat Code is my signature 12-week hybrid group coaching program that will help you finally lose the belly fat for good. You'll learn how to better understand your choices, how they impact your belly fat, and be better prepared to stay the course even when you feel like you aren’t getting any results.

What It's Like To Work With Me

Here's How It Works:

Phase One: Choices

Understanding the four ways your mind sabotages your weight loss efforts

Learn what to measure for health other than the scale so that you can truly assess what is going on in your body - to finally get lasting results

Finding the meals that make you feel satisfied without being stuffed and/or bloated

Less reliance on exercise to lose the weight so that you can finally balance and stabilize your hormones

The impact sleep and stress have your body even if you don't feel like you're doing anything

Phase Two: Code

Build new habits easily and manage expectations with the pieces of Belly Fat Code framework



Creating a set of healthy guidelines that work for your life no matter how busy you are or how old you are


Learn how to stay metabolically flexible and avoid and/or stopping the dreaded "metabolic slowdown." 


✅ Get a comprehensive review of lifestyle factors that have derailed your success in the past and what to do about it.

Phase Three: Consistency

Easily create your own personal assessment so that you can tell what’s going on with your body and how to adjust accordingly


Have an easier time staying on track because it has become more like a given, and less like a struggle


The importance of focusing one goal at a time so that you feel more accomplished and less overwhelmed, frustrated and burnt the F 🤬 out.


Finally understanding that failures are indicators that you need to make a change, not a sign that it’s time to cut bait and move on to something entirely new.

Tell Me More

What's Included:

After you are accepted into the Belly Fat Code (BFC). You’ll complete an initial assessment. Based on the information in your assessment, I will share with you your initial plan based on the BFC framework.

Three Monthly Private Strategy Calls

you and I will hop on a PRIVATE strategy call (15-30 minutes) where we will review and tweak your initial BFC framework as you finish your homework assignments. (Value: $600)

12 Weekly Group Calls

I’ll share a piece of the BFC curriculum on the private site and each week we will have a call where I will highlight a piece of the curriculum as well as answer any questions about the curriculum or personal questions you may have to apply it to your personal situation (Value $2400)

Additional Support

➡️ Volley access – it’s an app where you can leave me an audio, video or text-based message. I will reply to you within 24 hours (M-Th)

➡️ Facebook group to ask questions – I know that downloading apps isn’t for everyone, so you can do the same thing via Facebook

➡️ Private site where Belly Fat Code key learnings will be housed

➡️ Access to my monthly mentorship group Fit Girl Magic Society where you will find monthly workouts, private podcasts and at least 20 recipes (traditional and plant based)
(Value $4200)

Imagine If...

❓You were able to lose your belly fat without missing out on the foods that you love

❓You didn’t feel like you had to always FOCUS on what you ate and just knew what to do  

❓You didn’t feel like you had to do everything perfectly in order to get results

❓Being healthy and fit over 40 felt effortless

👋Hi, I'm Kim

I’m a health and fitness coach who knows first-hand what it feels to have your body give you the finger. I was doing all the right things and the weight just kept creeping up.🫤 Just like you I felt 
S T U C K. I used every diet trick I knew and NOTHING! Let’s face it, I'm not 30 anymore. What worked for me back then was NOT working right now. 🤬 Frankly I was so sick of always micromanaging every little morsel that went in my mouth. Seriously, no matter how hard I worked the weight just hung on like a life sucking parasite. 🥴


I had to ask for help. I needed support because
I needed a new back of tricks! I needed to learn how to navigate my new body. While you would never say I wasn’t eating healthy, I was eating TOO much for my current lifestyle. 🤯


I learned how my choices impacted my body and the subtle shifts I needed to make to shake the belly fat for good. I worked to shift my all or nothing mindset so that I could better overcome roadblocks that in the past would have shut me down and left me off chasing yet another diet.

I finally found the courage to create a sustainable system that no longer left me seeking another meal plan or missing social events because the food on the menu wasn’t “on plan” or saying Fuck 🤬 it diet starts on Monday. 😏

This Is For Me

This IS for you if:

💚 Coachable – open to feedback and applying it

💚 Understands that why uncomfortable change is good especially if you are done feeling S T U C K

💚 Running your own race - not comparing yourself to past versions you or others

💚 Doing the work - applying the information learned in the Belly Fat Code and having faith that in yourself that it will work when applied

💚 Owning your shit - being able to pivot and navigate around your obstacles.

While I want everyone to drop the belly fat this ISN'T for you if:

❌ You think you can only get results doing it a specific way

You know your way isn’t working but are afraid to change your tactics

You are looking to be perfect

You are addicted to the struggle

You aren’t committed to actually doing the work, just signing up for this program won’t make your belly fat magically disappear

Okay, Kim I'm interested how does this work?

This a beta program. I’m only working with the serious and the committed. If you want to dabble, give this a try this is NOT for you. I’m only taking 50 women and 10 spots are already reserved. You’ll need to apply here (it will take you less than 6 minutes😍).


Once accepted the program is $297 (regularly $397) if you take early action, and apply by Sunday, November 6th you will save $100. You will be notified on Monday, November 7th if you are accepted into the program and will have 48 hours to pay the balance.

Program starts Wednesday, November 16th

Let’s recap what you’ll get once inside the Belly Fat Code


➡️ Your personalized plan based on the Belly Fat Code (BFC) framework. (Value $200)

➡️ Three Monthly PRIVATE strategy call to review and tweak your initial BFC framework (Value $600)

➡️ 12 Weekly educational training on a component of the BFC framework (Value $2400)

➡️ Bi-Weekly calls breaking down those trainings even further, plus any other questions you may have (Value $2400)

➡️ 90 Days access to Fit Girl Magic Society -- my group monthly mentorship program (Value $237)

➡️ Plus.. Volley, Facebook for support, community and questions. (Value $4200)
TOTAL VALUE--> $10,037

Apply Here

$100 Money Back 💰

I believe in you and know that you may have been burned in the past. I want to promise that if you put in the work the Belly Fat Code will work for you.  

One of my mentors told me that easy is earned and I truly know that when you take the steps as outlined by the Belly Fat Code you will get results. I’m so confident that I will be giving you back $100 when you complete the course and share an honest testimonial.


🚨I promise you that you will experience a smaller belly, better sleep, mood, reduced hunger, more energy, less cravings, clothing fitting better, more focus, clearer skin, less pain, better blood work, making smarter food choices, more muscle definition, less inflammation, less bloating and/or tasks of daily living become easier.


💵 To receive your $100, you will need to have shown up for 80% of the group calls, email or post questions in the Facebook group or Volley for support. Complete at least 80% of the information provided in the educational portal. You must have also completed the initial evaluation to kick off the Belly Fat Code program. This program is ALL about action. If you aren’t ready to take consistent action, you won’t be successful.

Cool, now I know you are thinking to yourself a few things…

Now is NOT the right time

Yup, I hear you. But let’s be honest with each other, is it ever the right time? Will life ever slow down to what it looked like in Spring of 2020 – hell no! Thank GOD! Now is the time to FINALLY learn to navigate the busy. In the Belly FatCode I will teach how to create your own healthy living non-negotiables that you can do no matter what is going on in your life. Traveling no problem, family visiting no problem, kids home sick, you're covered. Here is where you tell yourself that it’s time to get over my BS 💩 and just go for it and learn a new way of living.

I’m not motivated to stick to something.

👋 That’s me too. I have shiny object syndrome and want what I want right NOW! Not sure who needs to hear this but, you think you need to be motivated to take action. Sorry to say motivation isn't going to come knocking on your door. Instead of looking for motivation in Belly Fat Code I'll teach you how to take small and thoughtful actions to keep the motivation train moving along, so that you don’t stop your energy and you keep moving forward towards your goal. 

I’ve tried EVERYTHING and been disappointed.🫤

Facts. I too have a graveyard of diet baggage. Hell I have a whole shelf of diet books. I get it, you feel like you’ve been dieting for like ever and when will you finally win this damn game!! You see, dieting isn't a game that you win. It’s a strategy that you apply and tweak as your life changes. You've been disappointed before, yes, but that is because you’ve worked on someone else’s plan that doesn’t understand your life. The “plan” assumes certain things about you that may or may not be true or only work when all the things in your life line up perfectly. Let’s be real, no one has a perfect life all the damn time. That is why in the Belly Fat Code I teach you how to create your own strategies to stay on track so that you truly honor your personal preferences and your body’s physiology so that healthy living feels enjoyable and gosh darn it effortless.

This seems a bit expensive.

I can see why you may think that. Let me break it down for you, back when I was training in the gym, my group coaching cost $279/month and that was for 1 hour of my time/week.  When you join Belly Fat Code, you will have access to me through our weekly calls (12 hours), monthly private phone calls (2 hours), daily access via Volley and/or a Facebook Group to ask me questions or to get feedback (15 hours). Our time together works out to less than $1.00/day, which is less than a Starbucks grande shaken oat milk cold brew. Plus, less calories 😜 look at the Belly Fat Code as your down payment to your future self. The one that no longer feels the need to be perfect. She easily knows WTF to eat to balance and stabilize her hormones no matter her age or how busy she is.

I’m just going to go back to what I have been doing.

Great, but can I ask you why do you have to go back? If it truly worked, you shouldn’t have to go back. The program should evolve with you. You should be given a way to tweak it so that it works for your life no matter what is going on. Let’s be honest with each other. The one thing you will learn about me is that I like to keep it real. If you go back to something that you were doing and expecting different results or better results, I’m sorry you are going to be disappointed, frustrated and back to where you started looking for your another belly fat solution. I searched for decades and did all the diets, but it wasn’t until I stopped dieting when I found my results and I found myself. Thank God!

There is SO much going on right now.

You are not alone. These days so much is happening all at once. Listen there will always be SOMETHING. Here is where I teach you how to make yourself a priority. You will create a realistic sustainable plan that no matter how busy you get you will also find a way to make time for YOU!

Will I need to spend any extra money?

Not at all. This program doesn't require elaborate supplement routines, special food or special equipment. I will be teaching you how to eat, not telling you directly what to grocery shop for. 

What do I have to give up to do this?

Okay, so I totally harp on this but let me say it again: You should never feel deprived in your life. Ever. As humans, it sets us up for failure. So, you will NOT be swearing off your favorite foods. But what you will give up is the obsessiveness about food. Full disclosure, though: You MAY need to give up your trigger foods (once you get into the Belly Fat Code, you’ll determine what they are) for a limited amount of time, until you’re confident in your ability to be around them. Don’t stress, though: I will walk you through all of this.

Will I start losing belly fat right away?

As your body adjusts to new habits and routines, short-term fluctuations in weight aren’t uncommon. Depending on your body, you may notice a slight increase in weight before you start losing. Don’t freak out - it’s only temporary when you follow the program. While yes, you will lose your belly fat the biggest shift you may experience is your approach to belly fat and weight loss. You’ll finally have a system that doesn’t involve deprivation. During each phase you will learn to listen to your body and learn what it needs.  

Are you as excited as I am?

I spilled all the beans. Right now, you have a choice. You can continue dieting with little to nothing to show for it. Actually, that’s what most women will choose to do out of fear of the unknown. Or you could be that woman who looks in the mirror and loves what they see in their reflection, while gliding on a pair of pants without worrying how much her muffin top will spill over. 🥰

🚨Early Action Ends Sunday, November 6th 12 midnight - save $100💰

Psst... it will only take 6 minutes to change your life.