Are you ready to unlock your consistency formula?

Oh I need this....

Imagine a world where in just 66 days, you could establish a fitness routine that's not only repeatable but also unbreakable.

#lifestyle66 is a ridiculously easy and effective way for you to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.  

I wanted to create a program that was simple and given to you in such a way that you would actually take daily action (with my help, of course!)😉.  

I’ve heard over and over again: 

🤦🏽‍♀️ "If I just had a plan to follow, it would make it much easier." 🤦🏽‍♀️"I know what to do, but I just need someone to
hold me accountable." 🤦🏽‍♀️"Sometimes I lose my motivation and don’t know
how to get back on track."  

If you’ve ever uttered to yourself,
"I’m so tired of starting over and
over again - complicating
everythingI do and getting
It’s time to STOP the nonsense,
I got you covered.  

❓Do you like to follow directions?
❓Do you want those directions to be simple and easy?
Do you like checking boxes?

Let's do this.


This is for you if tired of the endless cycle of fad diets and unsustainable workout routines

You dream of a healthier, happier you, but don't want to sacrifice the joys of life in the process? Look no further!

#lifestyle66 will change the way you approach health and fitness forever. This is your golden ticket to a life where consistency reigns supreme, and success is the norm.🥳


Effortless Consistency

#Lifestyle66 is designed to make consistency in health and fitness a breeze. Say goodbye to the stop-and-start routine and hello to a sustainable, life-changing habit.


Tailored To Women Over 40

I understand first hand the unique needs and goals of women over 40. I know first hand what it feels like to no longer have control of your body. #lifestyle66 is meticulously crafted to align to make it easier than ever to achieve lasting results.


Daily Action Plan

You'll get a daily action plan that'll help you lose weight and actually keep it off. These easy-to-follow tasks are like your GPS to a healthier and leaner you. No more confusion – just a clear path to feeling great!


Starts Sunday!

The program starts on Sunday and runs for 66 days. Your path to a healthier you begins when you're ready. 


50+ High Protein Recipes: Complete with meal plans, shopping lists, and no hard-to-find ingredients. (psst... no need to be a Martha Stewart in the kitchen these recipes are fool proof)

70 Day access: to my health and fitness mentorship Fit Girl Magic which includes workouts (take about 40 minutes and can be done at home), monthly challenges (nutrition, mindset, exercise and self care), monthly group coaching calls to answer any questions that you may have or connect with a community of like minded women who get you, and over 50 additional recipes (including plant based ones).

What's It Like To Work With Me? 

"Kim's best quality is her "realness". She doesn't sugar coat it. She shares her struggles-that makes others realize struggles are part of the process and it's ok. She is always lifting others up. Kim don't condemn for fallbacks, she just encourages you to control what's possible - the "now." She has an amazing wealth of knowledge. One can tell Kim loves learning about health & fitness." Catherine S.

I love love love your videos as they speak straight to my soul. Thank you for your amazing words that have me stopped in my tracks and thinking truly where do i want to drive my bus...i can't wait to get home tonight and re-watch this and just sit and meditate on it and put it into place/practice. — Brooke G

She believed in me when I doubted myself and gave me a “kick in the pants” whenever I needed it, which was often. During our time together it began to click I was enough. I am enough. Kim’s coaching has changed the way I saw myself and the way I carried myself. -- Sandi L. 

I love my raw and real Coach of mine! I never EVER have to wonder where I stand! Matter fact, during this mornings’ workout I found myself mentally hearing Coach Kim say “prove you can” and killing my workout. – Stacy H.