Are you ready for a summer where you aren’t stressing about your diet?

Ready to create a healthy road map that will set yourself up for success?

Now that is what I call a Stress Free Summer 😎

Yes, you can create a sturdy foundation that will help you get through the summer and just 2 short months! The Stress Free Summer is designed for the specific needs of women over 40, this 66-day program will help you navigate the roadblocks that may pop up during the summer so that you can cruise through summer happy and healthy.

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Are you tired of....

Feeling like you know what to do but can’t seem to stick with it
Wishing that you could stop self-sabotaging
Wishing that felt more confident in your skin
Working hard on your diet all week to only blow it on the weekend

Now imagine🤔

Having a repeatable system that helps you feel peace in your body.
Truly enjoying your summer without missing out on all of your favorite summertime treats.
Not giving a crap about which bathing suits covers your ass the most.
Feeling confident that what you are doing is the right thing for you.

Not overthinking is this a good food or a bad food.

If you’re a woman over 40 and want a sane and sustainable way to lose the weight while creating strong long-lasting habits, then ...

The Stress-Free Summer Challenge is the program for you!

Stress Free Summer Challenge is a 66-day healthy lifestyle transformation challenge that shows you EXACTLY how to stay consistent with your health and workouts this summer with ease.

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Do You Feel You Like You Need To Give Up Your Favorite Foods To Lose Weight?

Let’s take a step back. Raise your hand if you’ve heard that in order to get fit for summer you must give up foods that you love, spend hours on your Peloton, and charge your willpower battery like a Fit Bit.  Not sure who needs to hear this, but even if you have given up having cream in your coffee and rejected all the carbs (gasp!), you aren’t going to get the lasting results that you are seeking.🫤 But here’s the good news, you absolutely CAN get the results that you want, and it can be stress free!! 🤯

Most women think that it’s finding the perfect superfood or drinking kale smoothies for 30 days and BOOM💥you'd have your results.

Sadly, that’s just not true. 

In fact, it’s that rigid thinking that is keeping you from hitting your goals. You keep telling yourself that you just need to go hard or go back to what you did several years ago. 

👋🏾 Let me ask you this: If it truly worked, why did  you stop?

I'm In!

My guess is, there was something about that approach that stopped being realistic for your life, it stopped being exciting, you no longer wanted your life to revolve around this plan so it really wasn’t sustainable.

It doesn’t have to be this way, you no longer need to go through these stops and starts. 

During the Stress Free Summer challenge I work with you to overcome your resistance to making changes by showing you how to build repeatable habits that will become your healthy living routine. The Stress Free Summer challenge meets you where you are. You choose your level, you choose your speed (pace, momentum, or velocity)

I’ve run the Stress Free Summer for the last few years and the women who’ve participated in this challenge say that they have created healthy and sustainable habits that they are still doing today.

Yes, it’s possible for you to...

💚 commit to a plan that leaves you feeling comfortable and confident about food

💚 free and fit in your body

💚 have a roadmap that guides you out of the vicious diet cycle

💚 commit to yourself the way you commit to everyone else

Don’t you want a piece of that?😍

Hi, I'm Kim.

I'm Kim Barnes Jefferson. I’m an ACSM certified personal trainer and wellness coach and for the past 18 years I’ve been helping women over 40 get their groove back. It’s my passion to give you the tools you need to fall back in love with your body and your life.

Just like you, I was once fooled into searching for that same darn plan, only to find that... I had to throw out “their” rule book and create my own. You see when I turned 40, I packed on 10 pounds every single year, despite eating less and exercising more. So I know, firsthand, how it feels to have your body just up and quit on you!!

Finally, after 3 years of playing that game, I told myself there had to be a different way.

BTW, there totally IS, and I spill the beans in Stress Free Summer Challenge.

Let's go

Good, you are still here. Clearly you are wondering if this is for you. I get it so let me keep it simple.

Stress Free Summer is for you if are ready to FINALLY:

✔ know how to be consistent
✔ harness the power of small progress. Starting to see it as a sign that it’s “working”
✔ stop wondering WTF to eat
✔ create a healthy living process that makes getting healthy feel easy

Stress Free Summer is NOT for you if you assume in order to get results you must:

❌ spend tons of time working out
make special food for yourself that is different than what you feed your family
be strict by cutting out food groups (carbs, sugar, basically any fun foods)
follow the latest 20 something Instagram influencers skinny tea program.

Make this the first year that you make a change.

Instead of telling yourself that you need to exercise more and eat less, do a juice cleanse or bring cold chicken and broccoli in Tupperware to a family party to hit your goals, this is the year you’re going to dig deep and realize that it can be different.

Let's Go

What Clients Have To Say

"Kim's best quality is her "realness".  She doesn't sugarcoat it. She shares her struggles-that makes others realize struggles are part of the process and it's ok. She is always lifting others up. Kim doesn't condemn for fallbacks, she just encourages you to control what's possible - the "now." She has an amazing wealth of knowledge. One can tell Kim loves learning about health & fitness."

- Catherine S.            

"Kim is a fantastic teacher and completely transformed the way I see the gym. Before I started working with her, I loathed going to the gym and anything athletic in general. Six months later, I now have a whole portfolio of workouts to use, and each one is more fun and engaging than the last. I am no longer intimidated by the weight room or confused by all the options. Kim made working out fun and enjoyable for the first time ever!"

- Kasey B

Internet gurus and the big diet companies will tell you that you need to exercise more and eat less. That is the one and only sure-fire way to lose weight.  I get that and yup I did it too. For YEARS! Still not sure how many episodes of the Kardashians I binged while getting in my hour of cardio! 😤

Ladies, we are no longer in our 30s so it’s time to create a new playbook. It’s time we broke up with those rigid “can’t haves and must do lists…” 

Stress Free Summer doesn’t require you to do anything over the top and NOTHING that can’t be sustained past the 66 days.

This is the magic of the Stress Free Summer Challenge. You don’t have to be a superhero or go hard to achieve your goals. They say that it takes 21 days to create a habit, but new research shows it takes about 66 days. In the Stress Free Summer Challenge, we will work together to create your new sustainable healthy lifestyle in only 66 days. We’ll focus on basic fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits that are the foundation of consistency and lasting results.

Over the course of 66 days, in Stress Free Summer Challenge:

✔️You’ll learn about the 6 Building Blocks to creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle (mindset, nutrition, exercise, self-care, stress and sleep) and then determine where you need to focus your attention
✔️You’ll follow some simple fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits based on the 6 Building Blocks
✔️You’ll choose your level of commitment (pace, momentum, velocity) so that you will always feel motivated
✔️ You’ll get a step-by-step chart so that you can easily create an easy to follow healthy living path
that works because it’ll be custom to you
✔️ Daily, weekly and monthly accountability challenges so that you know exactly what to do to stay the course (plus prizes for each time you complete a week)
✔️ Workouts that can easily be done at home with dumbbells, bands and/or bodyweight
✔️ Over 20 traditional and plant based recipes that include a shopping list and a menu
✔️ Private Facebook group for coaching, sharing wins It's also a place to share your victories, challenges or to ask any questions.

Did I miss any of your excuses to not stay on track this summer?


Stress Free Summer Challenge isn’t so much a training program as it is an accountability program.

Year after year I see women struggle and sacrifice trying to lose weight. Instead of a new diet, and motivation the size of an elephant, what you really need is accountability so that you stay on track and take daily consistent action.

Yes, you'll learn the strategies behind effortless weight loss, but more importantly, you'll have a meticulous, step-by-step, project plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it.

The end result: You will have the tools that will help you to stay motivated, committed and focused long past our 66 days together.

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Here’s how it breaks down.

My proprietary Lifestyle 66 (tm) daily tracking spreadsheet is designed to help you make the most of your results. Use it to choose your non-negotiables, what feels easy for you right now. Each day you will track your success


1️⃣ Creating Your Non Negotiables kick off class to to help you identify your non-negotiables, These are the building blocks that will help you get on and stay on the right track. Setting non-negotiables will help you and answer the question "am I doing enough?"

2️⃣ How to Stay On Track it can be tough to stay motivated when things get tough or you feel like you don't have enough time. We'll work together to learn how to navigate any bumps in the road that may cone up.

3️⃣ How to Not Mess This Up learn how to rinse and repeat your non negotiables, pick yourself up after set backs, and make tweaks along the way.

Weekly virtual accountability to see how you are doing with your tracking spreadsheet. You'll have the opportunity to win virtual merit badges for each week you hit your goals.

➡ You’ll also get an exclusive Bingo challenge with an opportunity to win a prize each time you reach bingo and submit your form.

➡2 month membership in Fit Girl Magic Society it's my monthly group mentorship that helps you to build great habits and most of all how to make them stick.
(Value $158)

⛱ When you complete this challenge, by submitting your weekly accountability sheets you will earn a FREE Stress Free Summer t-shirt.

⛱ When you submit ALL your weekly accountability sheets and challenges you will be entered to win a 3 month private coaching package ($2200 value).

I know that you have been down this road before. Let me be the first to let you know that you don’t need to be perfect. In fact, Stress Free Summer Challenge is quite the opposite. I show you how to find balance, so you aren’t always seeking to be “perfect”.

Yup, you’ve tried every diet and you’ve been burned. This is why I designed the Lifestyle 66™ tracking sheet, here is where you design YOUR repeatable system. A sustainable healthy lifestyle framework that gives you discipline and balance to live life on your own terms without deprivation and sacrifices - while staying in tip top health.

I hear all the time,
“I know what to do but…”

For some reason, you can’t seem to string together your success. That is why you will have a tracking sheet and a scorecard, me, and a group of like-minded women to help you to know how to stay on track or quickly get back on track if you fall off.

If you are looking for a step-by-step plan that helps you break up with traditional dieting, THIS IS IT!

FINALLY, you can break free of the stops, starts and reboots when you join
Stress Free Summer Challenge.

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